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NewsConstruction of Titanium Concentrate and Slag Plants Launched

Construction of Titanium Concentrate and Slag Plants Launched

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According to the report of public relations of IMIDRO, Construction of two titanium plants aimed at production of 130 thousand tons Ilmenite concentrate and 70 thousand tons titanium slag .Utilization of these projects will lead to 400 direct employment.
Also, mentioned above projects are introductions of IMIDRO’s next project for construction of pigment plant.
Titanium concentrate plan requires 3 million tons titanium ore per year, as a result of great reserves of kahnuj titanium mine, titanium concentrate and slag plants will be constructed there.
Based on the results of new explorations, kahnuj titanium mine has 400 million tons proven reserves.
Now, 40 thousand tons pigment valued at $100million are being imported to the country for using in color industry.
Iran is among few countries which own titanium mine and is able to produce titanium, concentrate, slag and pigment.
Major problem of titanium project
Addressing inaugural ceremony of pigment production pilot, chairman of the board of IMIDRO said that major problem of titanium project was technology.
He expressed that tenders of this project were held two times in previous government but the project was suspended as lack of technology and finance.
In 2014, an international consultant was selected for pigment production technology which help us to establish pigment production pilot, Mehdi Karbasian added.
In executive sector we cooperate with an Armenian company which led to creation of a unique technology for pigment production, he said.